For Blog’s sake, God’s sake or your sake?

Eze 33:30 “‘And now about you, son of man. Your people lean against the walls and stand in their doorways talking about you. They tell each other, “Come on, let’s go hear what the LORD says.”
Eze 33:31 So they come to you as if they were my people. They sit in front of you as if they were my people. They hear your words, but they will not do the things you say. They only want to do what feels good. They only want to cheat people and make more money.
Eze 33:32 “‘You are nothing to these people but a singer singing love songs. You have a good voice. You play your instrument well. They listen to your words, but they will not do what you say.
Eze 33:33 But the things you sing about really will happen, and then the people will know that there was a prophet living among them.'”

Eze 33:1 The word of the LORD came to me. He said,
Eze 33:2 “Son of man, speak to your people. Say to them, ‘Whenever I bring enemy soldiers to fight against a country, the people choose someone to be a watchman.
Eze 33:3 If this guard sees enemy soldiers coming, he blows the trumpet and warns the people.
Eze 33:4 If people hear the warning but ignore it, the enemy will capture them and take them away as prisoners. They will be responsible for their own death.
Eze 33:5 They heard the trumpet, but they ignored the warning. So they are responsible for their own deaths. If they had paid attention to the warning, they could have saved their own lives.
Eze 33:6 “‘But what if the guard sees the enemy soldiers coming, but does not blow the trumpet? Since he doesn’t warn the people, the enemy will capture them and take them away as prisoners. They will be taken away because they sinned, but the guard will also be responsible for their deaths.’

“Why do I bother to rise up early every single day to write these Blogs warning people to get right with God in this godless generation? They won’t listen, they don’t want to hear about God, they won’t change, they are so stubborn, they don’t care, they consider it out of fashion to talk about God! All they’re interested in is fame and money for themselves.”

“What is it that stirs me up so much to do this? Do I want to seek attention for  myself? Will someone benefit from it? Will some people pay attention and get saved by doing something about what they read? Should I just abandon this whole writing thing? After all I am not being paid to do any of this!  Maybe I am offending and losing my friends, maybe people will think this or that of me”!

Folks, these and more thoughts cross my mind every time I awake to write and post what I believe warns all of us about God’s truth and true intentions concerning humanity.

Politicians won’t tell us about God’s intentions for our souls, our business partners won’t and neither would we get this type of information from our colleagues at school or in the workplace. Our employers certainly won’t dare to “proselytize” for fear!

Urgent information concerning the destiny of our soul is not coming from probably the majority of prominent Churches today, who are mostly busy tickling the ears of people with social human club teachings, politics and promises of prosperity to increase offerings and do money business.  Worship leaders are too busy praising God and entertaining us but are not warning us of what is to come upon this world.

Is anybody out there listening? There had better be! I want my soul, the souls of my family & relatives, the souls of my friends, the souls of the people of my country to be saved and delivered from that terrible place called Hell, where all those who refuse to obey truthful Godly instruction and heed Godly warnings, are destined to end up. I, for one, am determined to take no chances because there is only one shot in getting it right. What will it profit anyone to gain the whole world and lose his or her soul? We only live once so we HAVE to get it right, getting on and staying on God’s correct track to Heaven!

No amount of post-death ceremonies, begging for the forgiveness of the souls of the dead, and pontifical blessings can rescue your soul after you have died because this earthly realm IS THE place to get everything right with God! That is the whole reason why Jesus Christ HIMSELF CAME HERE to do what He did for all our sakes before going RIGHT BACK TO WHERE HE CAME FROM. Otherwise, He would just have remained where He was and then we all could just live as we pleased trusting the Priest, Pastor, Bishop, Shaman or whoever else to intercede and beg for an after-life forgiveness of our sins. There is no such thing as an after-life forgiveness of sins. The forgiveness of sin process takes place right here in this world and now.

Why not get a hold of the Bible and read up on all this for your own good sake? Read about the destiny of your soul and about how to get on the correct path with God? Jesus Christ is the way to God. Get to know Him for real and stop depending upon guesswork,  false prophecies, impossible laws and false promises to wager the final destination of your soul!


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Matt George- "I just want to hear truth. I hate lies."
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