Vulture Worldview

Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.
Matthew 24:38 NIV

Have you started thinking for yourself yet or are you letting someone else do your thinking for you?

Are you just following trends or are you doing your own research into the important matters of your life, your death and your hereafter?

Isn’t it amazing how the pile of fantastical anti-God rubbish that is often served up by the so-called modern  entertainment industry has become the rallying reference point for forming public opinion on God?

Most people slurp up and swallow as gospel truth the manipulative lies of many mentally and morally decrepit film and news directors.

Most people are too lazy to think twice. They reel in drunken stupor from the reek of social statistics. “They say, they say..” is all such people depend upon to decide the outcome of their eternal destiny. Crowd pleasers and crowd followers are what the majority of people have become. These folks have handed over their appetites to depravity and filth for a living.

How about you? Are you like a vulture? Do you look to the mocking crowds of the spiritually bankrupt to hide your face from godliness and holiness? Have you buried your head in the cesspit of life because “everybody else is doing it”?

Why not take time today to clean up your life? Get away from the baying bunch of stray dogs who call themselves your ‘friends’ but who in reality are just opportunists who do not care a farthing what happens to your soul.

Dust that Bible and start to spend more time reading up about Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished for you personally. Rip your mind free from the stinky garbage heap called “the latest @#$%&!”

Clean up your mind. And start a fresh new life in Jesus Christ today!


About clmmediapro

Matt George- "I just want to hear truth. I hate lies."
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  1. NdapieFoday says:

    Thanks Pst. Matt.

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