To God we go!

Isaiah (55:6) Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. — The Holy Bible (New International Version)

When I was small I used to enjoy reading Marvin stories.
In one of these funny tales Marvin is sitting on the steps in front of a house when a man runs up to him and says: ” Boy, is your mother at  home? ” Marvin replies “Yes she is”. So the man rings and rings the doorbell but no one comes to answer it. Frustrated, the man asks Marvin why his mother wasn’t answering the door and Marvin replies ” that is because I do not live here!”
This story captures the very essence of the kind of assumptive search that many people make for God, much to their frustration. Some imagine that all they have to do to catch God’s attention is to pay token visits to church, chant a few Psalms, ring some bells, light and arrange some candlesticks and ‘hey presto’  God must come running to answer their prayers. Well, the reality is that things just don’t work that way.
You seek God by reading up about him and taking an active interest in knowing what He is doing, what He wants from you and why He does what He does and drawing closer to Him.
The Bible is the best and most comprehensively effective resource on God that I have found. And boy am I glad I found this resource since I was just a teenager!
By looking at Jesus and learning from Him you are closer to knowing God than you could ever desire to be.
Rub your dreary eyes and start reading the Bible today.
Get to know who Jesus really is. He is the true way to find God. There just is no other more solid and sound way to God.


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